Who’s Been On??

The better question is, Who hasn’t? No one but you!!

Actors? Got’em–like Brad Pitt, AnjelicaHouston, Robert Duvall & Jeff Goldblum

Directors? Check –like Oliver Stone & Brian DePalma

Writers? Yep –like David Mamet, Salmon Rushdie & Andrew Morton

Comedians? You bet –like Stuttering John Smith, Dennis Miller, Margaret Cho, Bill Cosby, Colin Quinn & Gilbert Gottfried

Musicians? Of course –like Adam Duritz, Olivia Newton-John, Yoko Ono, Gene Simmons & former American

IdolJustinGuarini(who hosts his own show)

Athletes? No doubt –like Evander Holyfield, Darryl Strawberry & Dick Butkus

Politicians? Right again –like BarackObama, Hilary Clinton & John McCain

And you can be next!!

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