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New York Top Comedian

New York Top Comedian has a new name and face. Great Kills in Staten Island has wisecracker who bills himself as “Stuttering John Smith” which has became New York Top Comedian within a few years.

Everyone knows John Melendez aka ‘Stuttering John’ from the Howard Sterns show, says Smith. But that other Stuttering John isn’t the only guy who contends with the speech issue and knows how to make a joke about it. A one-time plumber and DJ, Smith is not only a comic, he’s a “mentalist.” Thats right a mentalist aside from telling jokes, he practices mind reading, para psychological activities and life coaching.

Stuttering John Smith has been doing a lot of shows for “children with special needs” he has a big body and a big heart and Staten Island, NY is lucky to have a local like him.

It was Wednesday, August 31, 2011 in a small club called AT DA GAME at 372 VAN DUZER STREET in Staten Island, NY where one of the Top Comedians Stuttering John Smith from Staten Island takes the stage. Within seconds you can feel that is not like the rest of them.. It has been years the Andrew Dice Clay has been around but Stuttering John Smith is the NEW Andrew Dice Clay for 2011.

Stuttering John Smith is known for a style of comedy that has sparked controversy and much media coverage. He is loved by some and reviled by others, who feel that his act is crude, misogynistic, racist, homophobic and degrading. Stuttering John Smith has been widely opposed by women’s rights groups and he has been banned from many radio and television shows for his explicit language and politically incorrect humor. We also think that MTV banned him for life.

If you looking to go out and have a GREAT time then pop into one of Stuttering John Smith’s shows…. its nothing like any show you well see anywhere else….

For more information about Stuttering John Smith check out

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